Get active & make some awesome new buddies while you're at it! Active8 Skater training & workshops are for anyone at any skill level interested in learning the sport of skateboarding. All you need is enthusiasm and we will teach you the rest! 





9.00AM to 10.00AM
KP Plaza, Koregaon Park
Wednesday & Fridays 
6.00PM to 8.00PM
Decathlon, Uppal
7.00 PM to 8.00 PM
Decathlon, Kompally
6.00PM to 8.00PM
All India
At your convenience
At your convenience
Batches on Request

You might be surprised to learn how good skateboarding is for YOU. As well as being a very sociable sport, skateboarding can go a long way in developing you overall personality. Your legs and core get a good workout as well and it provides you with a healthy, quick and free method of getting anywhere. Additionally, you can get much handier with some self-taught construction and manufacturing, as a skateboard has a lot of interchangeable moving parts and need regular maintenance. It is exciting that skateboarding is also included in the Olympics in the year 2020. This is not only a great opportunity for our sport and the skaters, but also for the Games too.

For registrations and inquiries:

call on +91 91300 05290


e-mail us at

Please Note;

  • We provide budding skaters with skateboards and protective gear for the first 4 sessions, after which they are encouraged to get their own gear, most suitable for their size and style.
  • The basic requirements for any skateboarder are a skateboard, a protective pad set (wrist, elbows & knee), a helmet and skating shoes with excellent grip.
  • The time allotment for a particular batch selected will be fixed and cannot be extended upon. Kids are requested to arrive on time or earlier in order to capture the entire class.
  • If a class is missed, there won’t be a special/ extra class.However the trainers will provide the participants with points to practise on until the next session.
  • Please note training fees are charged on a monthly basis and not a session to session basis. The class fees are to be paid on the first Sunday of every month.
  • Parents & loved ones if not on a board themselves during a session are requested to observe the class from a reasonable distance to enable us in offering a better learning experience and for safety reasons.