New to skateboarding?

Ready to make perhaps one of the best decisions of your life and buy a skateboard?

At Active 8 Sports we are super stoked to guide you in making all the right decisions about your skateboarding gear.




This is the wooden board that you stand on. Typically skateboards are made using laminated sheets – or veneers – of hard North American maple, a durable and somewhat flexible wood.   Decks are formed using a 7-ply construction, where seven veneers are layered on top of one another. Some companies offer more than or less than 7-ply to increase or decrease the flexibility.

Grip tape

Grip tape is the sandpaper like surface that provides traction required to keep your feet on the board. This is helpful also in performing tricks.


Trucks are attached under the deck, they are what make the skateboard turn, and this is where the wheels are attached to


Pretty self-explanatory. You can’t roll around without a decent set of wheels. Right?


These go in the wheels (there’s actually a groove in the wheel specially made for the bearings). Bearings help reduce the friction between the wheel and truck axle it spins on, thereby reducing friction and making you go faster. Ooh–science!


These are the nuts and bolts required to mount the trucks to the deck.