All high quality wheels are made of High Grade Polyurethane. That’s because no other material can withstand the punishment that skateboarding puts on them.

There are so many colours and graphics but the most important things are the size and the hardness.

Wheels are measured by their diameter in millimetres.


Generally larger wheels are better for skating vertramp, while smaller wheels are better for street skating and flip tricks. If you are an all-rounder and hit both the parks and street, a mid-sized wheel size is recommended.

Street : 48mm – 52mm
General terrain : 53mm – 55mm
Vert Ramp: 56mm – 60mm

The hardness of the wheel is called its durometer. Generally speaking street wheels or smaller wheels are harder and ramp wheels or larger wheels are softer and better for just generally cruising.

For more info you can click here to view the wheel sizing chart.