Active 8 Sports is all about good vibes and action sports!

We started with the vision to bring legendary brands in skateboarding and other action sports to India and to give our customers an awesome shopping experience.

Our team has a long history with skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skim boarding, wake boarding, wake skating, wake surfing and other action sports; and so it is our priority to pass on this knowledge to all of our customers in their experiences with us.

Active 8 Sports was started in February 2015 by a couple of like-minded Skaters originally from California who relocated to India. We have started our journey with skateboarding gear and fashion and aim to add other action sports gear in the near future.

Our number one priority is to spread fun and promote a healthy lifestyle in India through the sports that we love so much. We hand pick all of our products and with a lot of care, import them from the USA and package them ever so carefully so that we can deliver you awesomeness to your door step!

We want to change the world one board at a time! We are also very interested to give our efforts and time to the community of skateboarding and other action sports. If you have a killer idea for an initiative, get in touch and we’ll be happy to hear you out.

We care most about the experience our customers have with us. Our goal is that when you talk with one of our team members, you get an in-depth knowledge about the product you are interested in buying. Ultimately we want you to have and awesome experience with us and we guarantee it!