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Skateboarding in India?

Skateboarding in India has been on the rise ever since the first skate-park was built in 2003. Now, India boasts over 12 skate-parks and innumerable skate spots in the North, South, East, and West. Here's our attempt to create a complete directory of all purpose-built skateboarding parks and spots in India.


khar social mumbai skate park
Khar Social, Khar, Mumbai | Contact: Khar Social   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu
 nri complex active8 sports seawoods

NRI Bowl, Seawoods Complex, Navi Mumbai   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu



the cave holystoked active8 sports skate park adidas

The Cave, Hegede Nagar, Bangalore | Contact: The Cave Skatepark   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu

 play arena skate park holystoked bangalore active8 sports

PLaY Skatepark, Central Jail Road, Bangalore | Contact: PLaY   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu

 holystoked collective bangalore hsr layout skate park active8 sports

Holystoked Epic Build, HSR Layout, Bangalore (Restricted Access/Not In Use)  
Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu



pune sb skatepark active8 sports baba saheb ambedkar

Babasaheb Ambedkar Skate Park, Sahakar Nagar, Pune | Contact: Pune Skateboarding   Image Source: Pune SB
 pune skateboarding ramp nitesh hubPune SB's Ramps, Koregaon Park, Pune | Contact: Pune Skateboarding   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu
 active8 sports ramp freshparkActive8 Sports Portable Park, Baner, Pune (Temporarily Not In Use)   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu


rolling academy half pipe active8 sports
Rolling Academy, Sinhgad, Pune | Contact: Rolling Academy  Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu



free motion delhi skateboarding academy active8 sports

Delhi Skateboarding Academy, NEB Sarai, New Delhi | Contact: Delhi Skateboarding Academy 
Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu


Mojoskate, Mojoland, Sonipat, Delhi NCR | Contact: Mojoland   Image Source: Nick Smith


Panna (Madhya Pradesh)

janwaar castle active8 sports

Janwaar Castle, Satna Road, Panna | Contact: Janwaar Castle   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu


Hampi (Karnataka)

sima guest house 2er bowl holystoked bowl active8 sports

2er+Holystoked Bowl & Ramp, Sima Guest House, Hampi (Not in Use)   
Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu/Holystoked Collective


Auroville (Tamil Nadu)

Auroville jungle ramps park active8 sports

Concrete Jungle Park, Auroville | Contact: Concrete Jungle Park    Image Source: Edgar Shinobi


Kovalam (Kerala)

coconut castle sisp skateboard active8 sports

Coconut Castle, SISP Skate Club | Contact: Kovalam Skate Club 

Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu)

mini ramp holystoked mukesh mahabalipuram skate active8 sports

Backyard Mini Ramp, Mahabalipuram   Image Source: Kumar Sawan/Haul Apparel India


mahabalipuram skate park holystoked collective jamie thomas active8 sports

Bonda Vayan Skatepark, Mahabalipuram    Image Source: Holystoked Collective



ranchi skate park green lethe active8 sports utkash gupta

The Green Lethe, Ranchi | Contact: utkarshgupta.neuro@gmail.com  Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu



cirrus skate park goa active8 sports

Cirrus, Anjuna, Goa | Contact: Cirrus   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu

 alis bowl morjim goa active8 sports

ALIS Bowl, Morjim, Goa   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu


sk8 goa assagao goa active8 sports

Sk8 Goa, Assagao, Goa (Restricted Access/Not In Use)   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu



wallride park skate bmx hyderabad active8 sports

Wallride Park, Snehita Hills, Hyderabad | Contact: Wallride Park   Image Source: Gautham Nalasingu


We are committed to keeping this list up to date for it to serve as a directory to new entrants as well as travelling skaters from India and the World, if you feel we've missed out on any spots or would like to add one of your own, please leave a comment with details or get in touch with us on support@active8sports.com

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  • Posted on by Blossom

    Hi there,
    Lovely to know about skateboarding platforms and parks.
    But isn’t being safe in sport a priority. Shouldn’t skateboarders where elbow and knee guards and helmets.Why is it not imperative to wear this before individual s engage in this activity?

  • Posted on by Aaron lal

    Awesome post! You have shared a great idea. I like the way you presented the information. The theme is good. Keep posting!

  • Posted on by Surjeet

    if you drop at the Delhi skateboarding Academy without a skateboard too, you dont have to worry, we offer rental skateboards, so when in Delhi just drop by , whether or not youre carrying your board

  • Posted on by Anveer

    There’s a new spot in Miramar, Goa with a ledge, pocket and a 7ft quarter. Add that guys!

  • Posted on by Tim

    I am happy to see that skateboarding is gaining popularity in India. Maybe I’ll bring my board on my next Delhi trip! ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Posted on by Kartikeya

    Great post, gonna skate ’em all soon! Skated 3 spots in Pune and 1 in Auroville. https://youtu.be/gR55SF_ZdMs
    Delhi & Bangalore are next:)

  • Posted on by Samaranjay

    opened my eyes . want a open air outdoor sk8 park in delhi

  • Posted on by mikie

    are there any skatespots wi ledges in goa?

  • Posted on by H@r$hVaRdan


  • Posted on by Mohit Nagori

    yenna da!! lets trip macha…

  • Posted on by Rotha molsom

    Sadly no skatepark yet in Tripura. But shredding everyday down the street. ?

  • Posted on by Varun

    going to go goa with a different mind set next time, 3 spots O.O

  • Posted on by Aditya

    what an amazing sport, best of luck to youll for promoting skateboarding across this country!!

  • Posted on by Nazeem

    so cool! i would like to visit all!!

    its so sad that 3 of these spots are not usable.. going to try and sneak in. Cheers guys.

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