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Most of you know I'm part of skateboarding in Tripura/ Northeast India & I'm passionate about shooting videos. You can watch videos from my latest series here. Quite often I get asked "How do I set up my filming board?" so here's a little insight;
Q. What board do filmers use?
A. Well most filmers use the crusier board, and if you don't have a cruiser board you can use your regular board and lace it up.
Q. What wheels do filmers use?
A. Wheels are of two types and they are mesured in durometer-
Soft- soft wheels comes around 78A-85A which is great for filmimg which will give you a smooth and steady ride.
Hard- hard wheels come around 97A-101A, this wheels are hard and good for tricks.
Q. What trucks do filmers use?
A. If you're a filmer, you'll wanna have high trucks. And if you don't have high trucks, get a pair of riser pads and hardware bolts around 1/8", which will increase the height of the trucks eventually and help you turn your board right and left easily and give you a smooth and of course good footage.

Well that's my set up and subscribe for more videos, thank you :)


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    Nice insight

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