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A year ago, we had the first look at Yug as a kid who was just looking for some activity for the holidays or something, and here we are now... Tripping extents when we see what he's become, as a skater for sure but also as a person. 
I heard that kids, because of their lack of maturity, were not able to understand the essence of the word "lifestyle", and I used to believe that. Truth be told, we don't know anything about lifestyle or what it may convey or even how kids may interpret it. Their perspectives on life is so much wider than certain adults I hang out with, and in their minds, It has never been a question of style, but life, pure simple life! I heard about Mall grab a year ago or so, when a friend of mine, "updated" me about subliminal coding in skateboarding / the magic behind it and all, the whole thing. Few month later, holding my board by the trucks, walking around, chilling, Yug came at me all hyped, saying that he knew that it was bullshit, the thing about 'ONLY uncool people were grabbing boards by the trucks', and then walked away proudly, hands on the truck... He's twelve and I felt sorry for my friend... And from that we should learn, period. But it's easy to be ashamed about others, but sometimes others are us. You choose the lifestyle like you choose your beliefs, it's up to you, and not the other way around, the kids know, he knows, we know, you know also probably, but for those who don't, well have a look...
Yug Dave from team Escape with his first trick tips on How To Caveman Helicopter flip, one of his favorite. Brothers and sisters, children of concrete and rubber, enjoy the day and the good vibes, stay strong, stay sharp, skate safe and have a pineapple.
Filming & editing by Cha-cha Videos
Until next time much love, Peace!
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    It is so great feeling to see you like this.. Be a pro and do well.. Keep going higher :)

  • Posted on by Lipika

    So proud of you my boy!

  • Posted on by Viral

    Cool che…

  • Posted on by Nildeep

    Yug is so talented go ahead dear yug.

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